Bodie is a historic ghost mining town east of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, south of Lake Tahoe.  It is both a California and National Historic Landmark.  To learn more about Bodie:  visit   !!!

These sketches were created from photographs taken on a trip to Bodie in early Springtime

All are painted with gouache (opaque watercolor) on 7" X 10" watercolor paper.

Bar, Pool Table, Hotel Interior, Bodie

Pink Chaise Lounge, Bodie


Buildings, Bodie, Early Spring

Roulette table, Bodie

Pool Table, Hotel Interior, Bodie

Mannequin, General Store, Bodie

General Store Interior, Bodie

Elegant Residence, Bodie

Schoolroom, Bodie

Blue Bedroom with White Chair, Bodie

Bodie Bar Interior

Bodie Building

Dining Table, Hotel Interior, Bodie

Pink Bedroom, Bodie

Main Street, Bodie

Street Scene, Bodie

Bodie Bar, hand reflected in window